Hasbro has created a neat new take on Play-Doh with an augmented reality product called Play-Doh Touch, and it is a welcome entry into a market space that, for most consumers, has been almost completely synonymous with Pokémon Go since its release. Here are a couple of videos and articles about Hasbro’s new creation.

Play-Doh Touch brings your doughy creations to life on an iPad (Scott Stein, CNET)
Play-Doh’s new toy-to-life app is pointless but fun (Cherlynn Low, Engadget)

If applications like this catch on, then perhaps the general public will begin to see augmented reality as the powerful computing platform that it has the potential to be rather than just a techie term for Pokémon Go.

You can get Play-Doh Touch at and select Apple retail stores. Spread the word!

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