Strange Things

There’s been a ton of cool stuff going on in the 3D/360°/AR/VR hardware and software universe lately, and there’s about to be even more (more on that soon). On the other hand, the 3D/360°/AR/VR content front has been “relatively” static (unless you love Halloween’esque horror, of course). When I went looking for something interesting to share this week, I was at such a loss that I even turned to the tried and true strategy of looking for what is becoming an obligatory 360°experience to promote the latest “Blockbuster-of-the-Moment.” Luckily, the latest release happens to be Marvel’s Dr. Strange, so the search turned up a small treasure trove of neat “Strange” things.

The first gem that crossed my radar was this cute 360° video tie-in from DNews exploring the real science of parallel universes in layman’s terms.
(This is a 360° YouTube video — press and hold to explore!)

Here’s the original stories that the video lists as sources.
Is the universe finite or infinite? (Fraser Cain, Universe Today)
Our Universe May Exist in a Multiverse, Cosmic Inflation Discovery Suggests (Miriam Kramer,
Can Physicists Ever Prove the Multiverse Is Real? (Sarah Scoles, Smithsonian)

Not a bad find! Then I found that Marvel had indeed done some 360° YouTube tie-ins as well. Happily, these were a bit “Strange” too. It turns out that instead of rehashing their media assets to create a cheesy 360° video, they went out and invited some artists to use Google’s Tilt Brush to do something a bit more creative.

In order to help fans grasp the idea of worlds within or parallel to our own that provide the operating framework for Doctor Strange, Marvel took an innovative approach: It tapped three artists connected to three different cities, and had them use Google’s Tilt Brush—the company’s 360° painting tool—to construct alternate dimension versions of New York, London, and Hong Kong, then created a 360° VR experience of those dimensions for fans to explore. — Dan Solomon, Fast Company)

Here’s their compilation that gives a sense of the result.

Artists Brought Dr. Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum to Life Using Google Tilt Brush (Dan Solomon, Fast Company)

If you’re not familiar with Tilt Brush, here’s a video and some links about it.

Tilt Brush (Google), Tilt Brush (Wikipedia)

Finally, here are the videos done by the three artists.
(These are 360° YouTube videos — press and hold to explore!)

Nice! So, these videos make me kind’a glad Halloween left such a paucity of interesting content that it sent me on the quest to find them. I hope you enjoy them too!

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