Dive in!

Take a refreshing dive into this 360° YouTube Video from The Economist.

The above is a 360° YouTube video — press and hold to explore!

The Economist also created a full Ocean series on Youtube.

Of course, while the video is beautiful, the message is sad. Unfortunately, recent news about coral reefs has been even worse.

UK ambassador to Indonesia summoned over coral damage (BBC)

Urgent Action Against Global Warming Needed To Save Coral Reefs (Merrit Kennedy, NPR)
Great Barrier Reef suffering ‘unprecedented’ damage (Anna Cummins and Justin Heifetz, CNN)

Proposed budget for Commerce would cut funds for NOAA (Chris Mooney, Washington Post)

On a brighter note, there are some things you can do!

Here are some suggestions…
What can I do to protect coral reefs? (NOAA), What You Can Do (Coral.org)

Find out more about our Oceans