This blog has covered numerous experiments with using 360° video to create new types of immersive narrative. There are many great examples out there now like Google’s HELP and NYT’s L.A. Noir.

My favorite so far has been this video by One Republic.

However, I’ve just come across a 360° video by the Naive New Beaters that does the best job yet of illustrating the potential of 360° video to tell stories in powerful new ways.

The fun thing is that the content of the video is silliness. Check it out, but in order to appreciate the power of it, begin by watching it like a regular video by ignoring the instructions to interact with the scene. Just watch the singer, Izia, trying to get through her performance of Heal Tomorrow. Then, watch the video all the way through again, but this time follow the young chap as the video instructs you to do.

What an awesome illustration of how 360° video can be used to crate a Rashomon like effect!

Again, my prediction stands that it is only a short matter of time before someone releases a far longer and more serious example that will get a lot of buzz from the general public or maybe even become a sort of “killer app.”

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