Music, Live!

Ok, make that “Live’ish” 🙂

When I was looking for something to post about that would be better than a very geeky, gratuitous shout-out to Star Wars Day or a mild rebuke of the the U.S.’s dubious co-opting of Cinco de Mayo, I came across an attempt to capture and share Coachella!

Live’ish music for a Friday. That’ll do. Here are just two of the 360° YouTube Videos (click and hold to explore them).

You can find more 360° videos on the Coachella 2017 YouTube 360° Channel and many more traditional videos on the Coachella YouTube Channel.

To be honest, though, these aren’t the greatest examples of music in the 360° YouTube format, and to be fair, that’s because it is incredibly difficult to do. There are a lot of major players who have been trying to do it for quite sometime, and it still isn’t necessarily a “solved problem.” Instead, each new addition is a contribution to the larger work in progress.

Check out a longer, diverse selection of 360° YouTube music videos on Music 3D