Foiling in Bermuda

Slow start to the week? Good news! The America’s Cup (Official Site, YouTube, Sailing World, Wikipedia) is going on in Bermuda right now, so you can take a few minute break and watch this 360° YouTube Video to experience what it is like to ride with the Oracle USA team.

This is a 360° YouTube video — press and hold to explore!

If you have a few more minutes, here’s a nice video about this year’s first round of competition.

If you think sailing, or sailing technology, is fascinating, then here’s an overview of how sailing technology has been pushed by the America’s Cup to evolve from traditional, heavy boats to today’s hydrofoil catamarans that “fly” on water.

This National Geographic site has even more history.
Milestones in Ocean Racing (National Geographic)

Here’s even more in-depth information about hydrofoils.

Finally, here’s five minutes of techie info. about foil design.

If you like that, then check out this site!
The Physics of Sailing (Real World Physics Problems)

If you like the race, here’s the latest from Sailing World
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