CERN’s Heavy Discovery

The latest news out of CERN is that a study at the Large Hadron Collider (LHCb) has identified a new particle labeled “Xi-cc++” that has two heavy quarks. This is a big deal because up until this experiment, all of the “identified particles” had only one (even though the Standard Model did predict the particle’s existence). The researchers who carried out the experiment say that this discovery will help them learn more about the “strong force” (Britannica) which holds the centers of atoms together. Here’s an article that explains more about the experiment.
CERN’s charming new particle discovery could open a ‘new frontier’ in physics (Abigail Beall, Wired UK)

In case you’re wondering what a Large Hadron Collider looks like, here’s a 360° Video tour of it from BBC News.

You can also find more videos tours of CERN’s ICARUS, CMS and ATLAS Experiments on CERN’s 360° YouTube Channel and even more about what they do on their regular YouTube Channel.

Finally, if you want a quick refresher on the physics behind all of this, then here’s a 10 minute video in which physicist Brian Cox did a nice job of that for The Guardian.

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