What about animals?

Like millions of other people, I’m paying a lot of attention to news about hurricanes right now. Texas is dealing with the aftermath of Harvey while Irma is ravaging everything in its path on its way to Florida. Between that and news about the earthquake in Mexico, it’s hard to find bright spots in ubiquitous news coverage of disasters, but one odd thing caught my eye.

There was a picture of a flock of flamingos in a public restroom in my news feed, and I couldn’t resist clicking on it. Here’s a description of the image…

“More than 50 Caribbean flamingos take shelter in a men’s restroom at the Miami Metrozoo (now Zoo Miami) on Sept. 25, 1998. Zookeepers rounded up the birds to protect them from the effects of Hurricane Georges. This was not the first time the zoo had to corral flamingos in a restroom. They were also in there during Hurricane Andrew, six years earlier.”

The picture was in this story about how Zoo Miami is preparing for Irma.
Flamingos In The Men’s Room: How Zoos And Aquariums Handle Hurricanes (Danny Nett, NPR)

That got me to wondering, what about the animals?


Zoos and Aquariums are required to have disaster preparedness plans, and this is when those plans are being implemented. Here’s how Palm Beach is preparing.

Here are other stories about how zoos are preparing…
Brevard Zoo Prepares For Hurricane Irma, Will Secure Animals In Buildings (Space Coast Daily)
Hurricane Irma: Naples Zoo, sanctuaries have plans to keep animals safe, secured (Alexi C. Cardona, Naples News)
Jax zoo plans for hurricane, including a team to remain on site (Jacksonville Business Journal)
More about Zoos & Hurricanes on Google News…


Of course, the devastation of Harvey is till fresh, too. There are some 360° Videos on YouTube that give just a small glimpse of the devastation.

See more of Hurricane Harvey’s Aftermath in six 360° Videos (YouTube)

Many animals were in Harvey’s path, and there are tons of stories about how they were rescued. Here’s just a few…

One star that emerged was “Harvey the Hurricane Hawk” who was chronicled by William Bruso. Here are the first two videos, and there are more updates about him on William Bruso’s YouTube Channel.

See more about animals in hurricanes on YouTube…

What about you?

That brings us to the most important question. What about you? If you want to help, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has posted information about both Irma and Harvey.

No matter what, if you own a pet, you should download their Pet Safety App for Lost Pets, Disaster Prep and Emergency Alerts because you never know when a disaster of some sort could strike.

Finally, if you want to help the human victims of Harvey, you can do that by donating to OneAmericaAppeal.org. Here’s an appeal for aid from five former Presidents that was aired last night during the NFL opener. According to the website, the aid is expected to be extended to the victims of Irma as well.

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