360° Arts Galore!

One of the goals of Cosma is to highlight the greatest immersive and interactive content available on the web, and while there are a number of interesting formats featured on the posts and pages, the majority of examples tend to be YouTube 360° Videos. In fact, there are so many great videos, it would be impossible to cover all of them in posts. That’s why there’s a new series of pages on the site dedicated to gathering the most interesting examples for specific subjects all in one place.

The most creative examples tend to be in the Arts, so the Arts 3D & 360° Pages are the first series of the new pages available on the site. Check out this small sample of great YouTube 360° Videos in the Arts, and then click the labels to see more on the new pages on Cosma.

Performing Arts 3D & 360°

Music 3D & 360°

Dance 3D & 360°

Visual Arts 3D & 360°

Watch for more 3D & 360° Pages on Cosma in the future…