Spooky Space Sounds

NASA has a fun, albeit geeky, sense of humor sometimes. For example, this week they’ve released a compilation of “Spooky Sounds from Space.” Of course, since there is no air in space, there is no “real” way for humans to hear sound there.

Instead, these are sounds generated by different types of scientific instruments when they encounter various kinds of phenomena in space, but that doesn’t make the sounds any less interesting. Here is a short one minute video from Geobeats with some highlights, and some of the sounds really are kind of eerie.

Here’s a nice article from Gizmodo by George Dvorsky with more explanation and links to the NASA sound clips.
Space Has Never Sounded Scarier Than on NASA’s Halloween Playlist (George Dvorsky, Gizmodo)
Spooky Space Sounds (Solar System and Beyond, NASA)
Audio Galleries (Solar System, NASA)

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