Cirque du Soleil Sampler

They’ve done it again! Cirque du Soleil has once again raised the bar in innovative uses for 360° Video. This time they created this fantastic compilation of four trailers for the virtual experiences that they’ve produced in collaboration with Felix and Paul Studios.

You can see all of the 360° Video trailers on their VR and 360-Degree YouTube Channel. Of all the experiences featured on the channel, this Dreams of “O” trailer is probably the one that makes the most innovative and interesting use of the 360° format.

Of course, Cirque du Soleil’s work in the 360°/VR space is only a small fraction of what they do. In addition to their main YouTube Channel, there is a dedicated YouTube Channel that features Trailers for their traveling shows. Here’s the “Welcome” video for that channel.

Finally, there’s even a special YouTube channel called About Cirque du Soleil that goes behind the scenes to explain what they do. Here’s just one of the fun videos you can find there.

You can check out this earlier post to find out a bit more background about how Cirque du Soleil embodies the Nouveau Cirque genre.

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