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It’s that time of year! The Consumer Electronics Show is going on in Las Vegas this week, so the news will soon be packed with stories about all sorts of gadgets to delight technophiles around the world. Here’s a trailer for the show and a “preview” article from Wired.

All the biggest news and highlights from CES 2018 (Wired)

You can also find tons of previews of the show on YouTube from sources like Bloomberg, Consumer Reports, CNET and Digital Trends. My personal favorite is this one by Jefferson Graham for USA Today. Rather than do a tedious summary of some combination of phone, laptop, TV and car upgrades mixed with endless AI driven “smart” tech, Graham spotlights a few more off the wall products like a suitcase that moves on it’s own and a wheel that can turn any bike electronic in 30 seconds or less.

I’m also a fan of his article in USA Today that has a slightly cynical tone, and highlights the reality of what happens to the products after the show.
The CES secret few talk about: Past hits can fizzle with consumers (Jefferson Graham, USA Today)

For example, last year virtual reality (VR) was a CES darling, but this year there is hardly any mention of it. If it gets mentioned at all, it is mostly contextualized relative to its cousin augmented reality (AR). That doesn’t mean that VR is dead — it just means it is no longer the media darling that it was last year. There is still plenty going on in the space, but you just need to look at more specialized sources like Road to VR, Up Load VR or VR Focus to find out about the latest buzz. That’s where you’ll see far out things like this full body haptic suit.

Virtual Worlds Become Real With Teslasuit at CES 2018 (Rebecca Hills-Duty, VR Focus)

Yes, VR is still alive and kicking, but stay tuned for more about that in another, future post…

Meanwhile, if you’ve never been to CES, here’s a nice 360° Video from last year’s show that will give you a flavor of the experience, and someone is bound to release one of this year’s show in the next week or so.

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