Really Rare Weekend Guide!

Am I the only one to notice that there’s a whole lot of rare things going on this weekend?

In fact, there’s so much, it’s hard to know where to begin. Humm, let me see…

Of course, there’s the obvious yearly religious observances of Passover and Easter, but they aren’t all that rare in and of themselves.

Instead, let’s start with that blue moon on Saturday (March 31st).

It’s the last one until Halloween of 2020, so quick, run out and do everything you only do once in a blue moon.

Saturday’s Blue Moon Is the Last One Until 2020 (Mike Wall, )
Easter Blue Moon 2018: 10 superstitious beliefs about the lunar spectacle (Sophia E. Lipp, Eastern Standard)

There’a also a new “Blockbuster” Spielberg movie out in the cineplexes.

That’s rare, but what’s even more rare is a dyed-in-the-wool “Hollywood maverick” taking a stab at making virtual reality cool (again). Yes, TRON and The Matrix pulled it off awhile ago, but this is a different cultural moment. It will be interesting to watch how Ready Player One is received by today’s audiences.

Here’s a nifty 360° version of the trailer (as always, VR headsets optional).

The cleverness of Ready Player One’s release date this weekend is that the movie is not only about an Easter egg — it’s chock-full of them.
A Handy Guide to the References and Easter Eggs in Ready Player One (Eliza Berman, Time)

Next up is Tiangong-1’s demise. It’s not every day you can wait breathlessly to see if you will be hit by falling space station debris, but it looks like you’ll be able to do that this weekend.

Okay, not really. The truth is that the whole thing is being way over-hyped. The real probability of anyone getting hit is laughably low. Here’s a story about Tiangong-1 and its debris.

If you’re still worried or just curious, you can get updates on the progress of Tiangong-1’s reentry on the Aerospace and European Space Agency (ESA) web sites.

Finally, the best thing going on this weekend is that April Fool’s Day is falling ON Easter!

This only happens a few times a century, so it’s a very rare opportunity to mashup two usually separate types of secular fun that might be a bit more fun together. Here’s a Jimmy Kimmel Live segment with Mark Rober that has a few mildly evil ideas to get you started.

Here’s a prediction. Given the unusual nature of the double holiday, watch for the BBC to publish something particularly noteworthy to add to their sixty year old April Fool’s Day Hoax menagerie. My absolute favorite remains the Spaghetti Harvest, but there are certainly other worthy candidates. Last year they published the full rundown of their Sixty years of April Fool’s Hoaxes, so check it out, and pick your own.

So, there you have it. Whew, what a rare weekend! Have a great one, but beware of 6 foot tall bunnies hanging about on street corners. Pookas are rare creatures, but they are bound to be out and about when April Fool’s Day falls on Easter, don’t you think? 😉

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