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Postscript (May 28, 2018)

The 102nd running of the Indy 500 has come and gone. It definitely wasn’t the most exciting race in history. Still, it was the Indy 500, so it can only be so boring. Here’s a clip that recaps the whole race in all of its glory in just three and a half minutes. Wheew, well done!

Original Post (May 26, 2018)
The Greatest Spectacle in Racing is this weekend!

I grew up within earshot of the Indy 500, so I tend to pay attention every year. This year I’m back home in Indiana, so I’m paying even closer attention, and I just couldn’t resist sharing some perspectives on the race.

First, here’s a short primer for the uninitiated.

Here’s a lovely, short video showing many past winners expressing their perspectives on what “Indy Means.”

Here’s an interview with David Letterman, who also grew up in Indy, that includes a local’s perspective on the race.

In terms of a “local’s” perspective, I do happen to have one that’s a tad unusual. I was in Latin Club in High School, and we used to run chariot races at the track. Yep, I actually ran around the track pulling a chariot. How geeky is that?

While riding in the chariot was fun, it certainly wasn’t as great as being in a race car. Here’s a 360° Video narrated by Mario Andretti that shows a driver’s perspective.

This year there’s an even neater perspective on the track, and that’s from space! Astronaut Drew Feustel, a Purdue alum, tweeted a photo of the track from space!

Finally, here’s a helpful video with a full run down of everyone in the race this year.

Bonus, here are even more resources about the Indy 500.
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