Too many sharks?

If you watch a lot of television, then you know that last week was the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. Last year I did a post that coincided with it (Jaws vs. Jellies). However, this year I was leaning towards not doing more of something that is already a tad overdone.

The Discovery Channel did add two new 360° videos to their Shark Week 360 YouTube Channel, so I considered featuring them. However, while they were okay, they weren’t fascinating enough to warrant a post. Here’s the better of the two videos.

There’s also a new Seeker video about Greenland sharks living to be more than 500 years old. The fact that sharks can get that old is interesting, but the way that a scientist from the Centre for Sustainable Tropical Fisheries and Aquaculture at James Cook University figured it out is even more interesting. Here’s the video and a related story from National Geographic.

Many Sharks Live a Century—Longer Than Thought (Elizabeth Armstrong Moore, National Geographic)

Here are a few links about the method they used for estimating the sharks age.
Cold War Bomb Testing Is Solving Biology’s Biggest Mysteries (Carrie Arnold, Nova Next)
Bomb Pulse Carbon Dating (Wikipedia)

Still, all of this wasn’t enough to convince me that I should add more fodder to a potentially over done shark frenzy.

I even resisted doing a post about sharks after I came across a viral video of a paddleboarder hanging out with a great white shark off of Cape Cod, without knowing it.

Then came this story about someone stealing a shark, from a zoo, in a baby carriage.

That did it — I just had to share!

Three People Allegedly Stole a Shark From Texas Aquarium By Disguising It as a Baby in a Stroller (Alexia Fernandez, People)

My first thought was that they must have been watching way too much shark week, but the latest intel is that the thieves were pros. They just weren’t very good ones.

So there you have it. That’s my reluctant, somewhat apologetic entry into the over abundant pantheon of shark related media out there right now.

Have a great rest of your Not-a-Shark Week, and if you happen to live somewhere near warm coastal waters, happy swimming! Da-Dum…Da-Dum… 🙂

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