Treats & Tricks

Warning, this is a collection of random Halloween silliness.

Proceed at your own risk, or run away!!!!

First, why not tricks AND treats?

Here’s National Geographic’s handy 3 minute answer.

There’s a bunch more trivia in this article.
Everything you need to know about Halloween 2018 (Brian Handwerk)

That’s nice, standard trivia fare.

Here’s a video with some stuff that’s a bit further off the well worn Halloween trivia path.

Here are links with more backstory and trivia.
Ghostwatch: The BBC spoof that duped a nation (Rebecca Woods, BBC News)
Ghostwatch (Wikipedia)
Where Does Stephen King Get His Ideas? Here Are The Creepy Origins Of 10 Terrifying Tales (Kristian Wilson, Bustle)
Prof explains the science behind a good scare (Purdue University News)

Too intense? Not a trivia buff? Not silly enough?

How about this little video that I tripped across while updating the spider page.

The *scary* part is that the cute little fella even has his very own YouTube Channel!
Lucas the Spider (YouTube Channel)

Next, how about some silly pet stuff?

Here’s a one minute video for context.

Scary, right?

If you’re wondering if it’s true, or just want to waste a bit of time on silly pet videos, check out the endless parade of pet’s in Halloween costumes on YouTube!

Okay, you’re inspired to dress up your pet, but you’re the DIY type or it’s last minute?

Here’s a cheap two minute trick, but it’s gruesome.

Warning: Content may be disturbing to some viewers.

Finally, what about all of that leftover candy?

There’s a ton of recipes on YouTube.

Here’s my favorite trick.

Nice recipe. My theory is that you won’t eat it, no one else will either, and there will be less Halloween candy to haunt you 🙂

In closing, here’s the closest I could find to a relevant, tolerable 360° Video.