“Hollywood Homes”

This week there was a media blitz about the Brady Bunch having a reunion at the home that appeared in the series.

In truth, it was basically a publicity stunt to promote a HGTV project called A Very Brady Renovation. If you missed the story, and you’re a fan, or just morbidly curious about how they all look forty plus years later, you can see them in this featurette from Entertainment Tonight.

Here are some more stories about HGTV’s project.
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The house is even still on Zillow!

Of course, in the video, you hear that the cast never actually saw or stepped foot in the house when they were filming the show. That’s not all that surprising, though.

Homes on screens are seldom filmed in real homes.

Here’s a 360° video tour of Warner Brothers Studios that explains how it’s usually done.

Here’s an in-depth interview with the famous production designer John Shaffner (IMDb) about how he created the apartment in Friends.

While that’s how most “Hollywood homes” are created, there are exceptions.

Another story came out this week about a house that is for sale in Malibu, and it was used as a “practical set” in Star Trek: The Next Generation. It was designed by architect Ellis David Gelman and appeared in The Survivors Episode (IMDb).

Here’s a story from USA Today about it.

You can now buy the ultimate Star Trek souvenir: a $5.7 million house (Hannah Yasharoff, USA TODAY)

You can also find it on Zillow, and it even looks like you can still buy it (if you happen to have $5,695,000).

Along slightly different lines, let’s tag along on a tour of Universal Studios backlot with Steven Spielberg while he shares some personal backstories.

If you liked this brief peek behind the fourth wall and would like to see more, you can take tours of all the major Hollywood studios next time you’re in the area.
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Finally here’s a 360° view of Hollywood that you won’t see on any of the tours.

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