Take a hike!

November 17th is National Take a Hike Day, and celebrating it is simple — just take a hike!

Here’s a quick PSA from Greater Palm Springs.

Here are some short 360° virtual hikes for inspiration.

Up first is a 2 minute hike on Pima Canyon Trail in Tucson, Arizona (AllTrails).

Further afield, here’s a picturesque one minute hike in Santorini from The New York Times.

Finally, here’s a breathtaking two minute taste of hiking in Norway from Aerial Norway.

Now that you’re all inspired to celebrate the day and take a hike, you can find a destination near you on The Hiking Project, TrailLink or AllTrails.

Learn more about National Take a Hike Day:
National Take a Hike Day (American Hiking Society)
Take a Hike Day (Time and Date)

Have a great weekend and happy hiking!

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