Armchair Getaways!

Here in the upper Northern Hemisphere, it isn’t just the season to celebrate holidays and be merry — ’tis also the season to dream of post-holiday getaways!

That’s particularly true for me right now, because I’ve spent the last few weeks updating all of the pages on Cosma about exotic places around the world.

Poor me, I’ve had to immerse myself in endless 360° travel montage videos like this one from The New York Times that takes you around the world in under 2 minutes!

In addition, I’ve used Roundme to create a(nother) demo of a “toy” interface to Cosma. This one is an “Armchair” World Travel Lounge (the others were for nature and space).

Click the 360° image below to explore this Toy World, click the menu in the upper right for controls and click “i” buttons on/off for links to experiences. Use “portals” to visit other Toy Worlds.

You can also explore this on RoundMe.
If you have trouble seeing this on RoundMe, then try using an updated or different browser.

Of course, I’m partial to beaches and have a serious weakness for travel sites like Dr. Beach (see previous posts Island Escapes, Beach Gazes, Surf’s Up!).

That’s why I was thrilled to find a website from CNN Travel with a map that shows the best beaches in the world and lets you screen them based upon best time to visit.
A Year of the Worlds Best Beaches (CNN Travel) (Interactive Map)

That site was at least one factor that led to most of the recently updated pages including one or more beach related experiences.

For example, when I was updating the page for Mexico, of course I included a video and links for Chichén Itzá. Then I also included a video about Cancun which is suspiciously close to one of CNN Travel’s best beaches.

Best Beaches: Mayakoba at Playa del Carmen, Mexico (CNN Travel)

Similarly, while updating the pages for Europe, I found this excellent 360° montage video.

The pages for Europe now include tours of England and London as well as Paris and the Eiffel Tower, while the page for Italy has tours of Rome and The Colosseum.

Not coincidentally, there’s also a video of cliff diving near another of CNN Travel’s sites 🙂

Best Beaches: Poliganano a Mare, Italy (CNN Travel)

You get the drift — the CNN Travel “Best Beaches” list goes on and on, and so do the beach related experiences included on the newly updated pages.

While I was updating the Asia pages with 360° tours of Shanghai and The Great Wall for China along with the ancient history and modern marvels of Japan, I found this video about the unusual practice of “sand bathing.”

Asia has many other places with far more traditional beach experiences.
20 idyllic beach getaways around Asia (CNN Travel)

The last page I updated was Australia. It now includes the typical 360° videos highlighting the beauty of that country, but it also has this video from The New York Times about the original infinity pools in Sydney.

The Australia page also wouldn’t have been complete without this visit to Whitehaven!

Best Beaches: Whitehaven Beach, Australia (CNN Travel)

There you have it — that’s my take on “armchair getaway.” I hope you enjoyed it!

If this inspired you to book a real getaway, that’s fantastic! According to numerous travel sites, this is a great time to book.

Travel Right After the Holidays for a Great Deal (Smart Travel)

You can also find many more virtual getaways on this site by visiting the new “Armchair” World Travel Lounge.

If you know any “armchair” or “real life” travel buffs, please share this with them. If you or your friends happen to be learning or teaching about other places in the world, all the better 🙂

Bon Voyage!

P.S. Here’s a list of the recently updated pages…
Americas (North, Mexico, Central, South, Caribbean)
Europe (UK, Italy)
Africa (Egypt)
Asia (China, Japan)
Oceania (Australia, New Zealand)