Super Bowl Frivolities

You probably know that the Super Bowl is this Sunday. This year the Patriots will be taking on the LA Rams in Atlanta.

While I realize that it might be a touchy subject, I happen to live near Boston.

Needless to say, I’m seeing my fair share of local coverage, again 😉

While there’s plenty of serious fandom surrounding football and the Super Bowl around here, I must confess that I get more of a kick out of the lighthearted frivolities associated with this yearly sports spectacle.

For example, it was amusing when Gronk took on Todd Gurley for a game of Madden 19, and lost (again). It was even more entertaining to see that there was confusion as to which player was on which team at one point.

Rob Gronkowski, Todd Gurley face off in a game before the game (Nicole Yang,

There’s also a ton of fun techie stuff inspired by the Super Bowl. Here’s a humorous 360° image that was released by the Bleacher Report.

Football fans are definitely celebrating one new tech development this year. In addition to the game airing on CBS, it’s also being streamed in all sorts of ways.
CBS will stream Super Bowl LIII on mobile devices without a sign-in (Jon Fingas, Engadget)
Patriots vs Rams: How to stream Super Bowl 2019 (By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, ZDNet)

It’s no shocker that there’s not as much hoopla about virtual reality as there has been over the last few years, and there’s certainly no news about the game being streamed over 5G networks in 360° format or other such stuff. That’s most likely because Verizon deemed it “not ready for prime time”after their experiment with it last year.
Verizon streamed Super Bowl LII in VR over 5G: And almost nobody got to see it (Nicole Lee, Engadget)

That doesn’t mean that there won’t be some nice 360° videos posted after the fact to let you have the experience of literally being in the middle of the action.

Here’s a one minute’ish 360° video compilation that was published after last year’s Super Bowl.

Here’s another one minute’ish 360° clip that takes you up close and personal as Saints Quarterback Drew Brees leads the pregame huddle before the Saints took the field against the Rams in this month’s NFC Championship.

While live VR is off the table this year, CBS is offering an AR feature for fans who want to embrace their inner geek.
CBS Super Bowl Coverage To Feature AR & 8K (VRrOOm)

In truth, while I do enjoy watching the game, I’m also guilty of enjoying all of the ancillary silliness that goes along with it. Yes, that means that I’m looking forward to digging into some Super Bowl day cuisine while while watching Gladys Knight sing The Star-Spangled Banner.

I also admit that I’ll be glued to the screen when Maroon 5 takes the stage at halftime. Here’s a 360° video preview of what that will look like at the stadium.

Worst of all, I am even looking forward to seeing all of those Super Bowl Commercials!

Here’s a spot from Good Morning America with a sneak peak of some of this year’s debuts.

Better yet, while I was surfing around YouTube for this year’s leaked commercials, I found this hot-off-the-press video in which Bryan Buckley, who has directed 59 Super Bowl commercials, gives a five minute explanation of what takes an ad from ordinary to iconic.

Finally, if all of this football and the Super Bowl stuff isn’t your idea of fun, perhaps you’ll be among the vast number of people who opt to watch Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl instead.

Here’s a cute preview for this year’s edition.

The Puppy Bowl even has post-game 360° clips.

If you’re more of a cat person, you could also take in Hallmark’s Kitten Bowl. They also have their own version of those 360° video clips.

You’re probably thinking, in a variety of tones, TOO cute!

You can even stream “Fluff Bowl” events, too.
How to stream the 2019 Puppy Bowl and Kitten Bowl online (Élyse Betters-Picaro, ZDNet)

Perhaps you and/or your friends will even get carried away and host one of those “Fluff Bowl” viewing parties that are becoming all the rage in some circles.
7 Reasons You Should Have a Puppy Bowl Viewing Party (Editors,

In closing, here are some helpful resources, whatever your viewing preferences.
Hollywood Reporter’s Guide to the Super Bowl (Katherine Schaffstall, Hollywood Reporter)
Super Bowl 2019 TV Alternatives: What to Watch If You Don’t Want to Watch the Big Game (Jasmyne Bell, Hollywood Reporter)

Have a great weekend full of frivolities, whatever your regional allegiances and personal taste in entertainment happen to be!

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