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Here are some links to the best 3D content covered on this site so far.
It ranges from the “here and now” to the “pretty out there”…
Trees and specifically Redwoods
Animals (Lions, Tigers & Bears) and Animal Vision
AirPano and China’s Warriors
Art Revisited, Art Revisited II and Walk-in-Art
Immersive Narrative: Google’s HELP, One Republic’s Kids and NYT’s L.A. Noir
L.A. Noir, Continued… and 360° Trailers
Planet Earth II, Coral Reefs and Mars 3D, TRAPPLIST-1
Star Trek Enterprise, Star Wars 360 and Dr. Strange & Parallel Universes

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  1. […] of immersion by simply using Google Cardboard or View-Master’s VR Viewer. Check out “The List” page on this site to see the types of things you can see with varying levels of fidelity […]


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