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media : a medium of cultivation, conveyance, or expression — Webster   See also OneLook

medium : a means of effecting or conveying something: as a (1) : a substance regarded as the means of transmission of a force or effect (2) : a surrounding or enveloping substance plural usually media (1) : a channel or system of communication, information, or entertainment — compare mass medium (2) : a publication or broadcast that carries advertising (3) : a mode of artistic expression or communication — Webster   See also OneLook

A Dictionary of Media and Communication (Daniel Chandler & Rod Munday)


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Media (singular medium) are the storage and transmission channels or tools used to store and deliver information or data. It is often referred to as synonymous with mass media or news media, but may refer to a single medium used to communicate any data for any purpose. — Wikipedia

Media (Encyclopædia Britannica)

New media are forms of media that are native to computers, computational and rely on computers for redistribution. New media are often contrasted to “old media”, such as television, radio, and print media, although scholars in communication and media studies have criticized rigid distinctions based on oldness and novelty. — Wikipedia

Media studies is a discipline and field of study that deals with the content, history, and effects of various media; in particular, the mass media. Media Studies may draw on traditions from both the social sciences and the humanities, but mostly from its core disciplines of mass communication, communication, communication sciences, and communication studies. — Wikipedia

Media Studies (Voice of the Shuttle)



Media Studio

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Understanding media: The extensions of man (Marshall McLuhan)
Marshall McLuhan MMXI (Offical Marshall McLuhan Site)
Marshall McLuhan (Encyclopædia Britannica)
Marshall McLuhan (Wikipedia)



Media Preservation (Jason Curtis, Museum Of Obsolete Media)
Keeping and organizing your files for the long term (MIT Libraries)
Media Preservation (Wikipedia)


Worlds of reference: Lexicography, learning and language from the clay tablet to the computer (Tom McArthur, 1986)

IEEE Milestones Timeline (Engineering and Technology History Wiki)


National Science and Media Museum (UK)

Museum Of Obsolete Media (Jason Curtis)
Museum of Obsolete Objects (YouTube)


Paley Center for Media
American Archive of Public Broadcasting (Library of Congress & WGBH Educational Foundation)


Media History Digital Library

Library of Congress # P87 Communication and Media (UPenn Online Books)

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What is Media Education? (Media Literacy Week)
Digital & Media Literacy Fundamentals (Media Smarts)

MERLOT: Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching
OER Commons: Open Educational Resources


Introduction to Media Literacy: Crash Course Media Literacy (YouTube Playlist)

Introduction to Media Studies (MIT OpenCourseware)
Media in Transition (MIT OpenCourseware)
Media Studies (MIT OpenCourseware)

Fundamentals of Computational Media Design (MIT OpenCourseware)
Media Arts & Sciences (MIT OpenCourseware)


Community Media (Wikipedia)


Media Producers and Directors (CareerOneStop, U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration)


Media News (New York Times)
Media Stories (NPR Archives)







List of art media (Wikipedia)
New media art (Wikipedia)


OEDILF: The Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form




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Communication Systems

Cosma provides access to Knowledge Resources organized around the elements of communication systems.

Communication, Media, Knowledge, Human and Noise

Function Communications Computation Storage Creation Simulation
Analog Mail Device Paper Type, Print Automaton
Electronic Network Calculator Tape Record Elektro
Digital Internet Computer
Hardware Modem Microprocessor Memory Peripheral Robot, XR
Software Service (Web) Program (OS, SS) Database Application AI, VW

Format Multimedia (Video, Animation) Image (Object) Scent, Flavor, Audio (Text) Haptic, “Other



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