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  • Wingsuit Rush! (9/21/2018)- Hey, adrenaline junkies, how about a quick fix? Remember all of those action movies where people jump out of airplanes or off of buildings wearing wingsuits? Did you ever think it would be cool to do that for real? Well, now you can get a sense of what it would be like. Here are some … Continue reading Wingsuit Rush!
  • Watchable Whales (7/2/2018)- The first week of July is when many Boston area locals head for the hills, or the shore, while vast numbers of tourists flood in to town to visit the Freedom Trail, Haborfest and Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular. Of course, another popular activity is whale watching (Trip Advisor). That is because it’s only a short … Continue reading Watchable Whales
  • Up, Up and Away (8/31/2017)- How about a ten minute break from all of the news about the epic flooding (NPR), massive asteroid (NASA) and scary politics (The Economist)? Here are some nifty 360° Videos that will take you on some fairly realistic virtual rides in hot air balloons! This first clip is from the The Golden Ring of Russia … Continue reading Up, Up and Away
  • Twisters! (6/26/2017)- It’s that time of year when tornadoes tend to make the news. For example, did you see the picture of the guy mowing his lawn during a tornado a few weeks ago? He claimed it wasn’t as bad as it looked, but still… Then there was also this 360° Video of a supercell taken by … Continue reading Twisters!
  • Take a hike! (11/17/2018)- November 17th is National Take a Hike Day, and celebrating it is simple — just take a hike! Here’s a quick PSA from Greater Palm Springs. Here are some short 360° virtual hikes for inspiration. Up first is a 2 minute hike on Pima Canyon Trail in Tucson, Arizona (AllTrails). Further afield, here’s a picturesque … Continue reading Take a hike!
  • Surf’s Up! (6/15/2017)- YouTube’s 360° Channel has a playlist called Surf’s Up that takes you to a variety of locations around the globe to “ride the waves.” Here’s the best of the bunch. This is a 360° YouTube video — press and hold to explore! You can see the rest and ride some more waves here… Surf’s Up … Continue reading Surf’s Up!
  • St. Paddy’s Day Jaunt (3/15/2019)- Yeah, it’s finally time to see some green around here — the official start of Spring is next week, and this Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day! Last year around this time I did a post about the history of St. Patrick’s Day, various related festivities and Jimmy Fallon’s humorous take on it. That post is … Continue reading St. Paddy’s Day Jaunt
  • Speleological Wonders (2/8/2019)- A few days ago I came across this short 360° video from the The New York Times about how biologist Naowarat Cheeptham has been searching for antibiotics in a cave. It’s an interesting story, and there’s a lot more about it in this article from Wired. Inside the slimy underground hunt for humanity’s antibiotic saviour … Continue reading Speleological Wonders
  • Shark Encounters! (2/21/2019)- It seems like every time that I encounter news about sharks, they end up seeming less scary and more awe inspiring. The latest example of this happened this week when multiple news outlets reported that the great white shark’s genome has been sequenced, and there were some surprises as well as some good news for … Continue reading Shark Encounters!
  • Practically Impossible (7/27/2018)- The summer blockbuster season is still in full swing, and this week’s big news maker is the sixth installment of Mission Impossible. Of course, as was the case for each of the earlier movies in the franchise, the stunts in the movie are grabbing a lot of attention. That’s because Tom Cruise believes in two … Continue reading Practically Impossible
  • Jellyfish Therapy (1/24/2019)- Feeling stressed out and need to relax? How about a nice swim in a swarm of jellyfish? What, that’s not a remedy for stress, you say! You mean by using imaginative thinking, right? Well, no, I do mean it literally. There’s an actual place called Jellyfish Lake on Eil Malk island in Palau where you … Continue reading Jellyfish Therapy
  • Jaws vs. Jellies? (7/28/2017)- Have you noticed that there’s a bit of a shark frenzy going on right now? Of course it is at least partly due to this being Discovery Channel’s Shark Week (Discovery, Wikipedia). The nearly 30 year old event has gotten even more notoriety than usual because of the “Michael Phelps Faster Than a Shark?” publicity … Continue reading Jaws vs. Jellies?
  • Island Escapes (1/3/2018)- One of the more entertaining stories to hit the net over the New Year’s weekend was a tale of some hearty Kiwis who successfully got away from a local alcohol ban by building their own island in nearby international waters. New Zealanders build island in bid to avoid alcohol ban (BBC News) To Avoid New … Continue reading Island Escapes
  • Igloos (2/21/2017)- Here’s something that’s just for the fun of it. New York has a roof top bar called 230 Fifth which is located at, you guessed it, 230 Fifth Avenue. It is a cool place year round, but it is particularly so in the wintertime because they provide igloos for the revelers who choose to land … Continue reading Igloos
  • Ice Places (12/27/2017)- It’s getting pretty cold up here in the relatively northern latitudes, brrr! It’s no wonder that stories about various forms of “ice abodes” are dotting the media landscape now. For example, I just came across this story on about an annual ice castle up in Lincoln (NH). The gigantic, glowing ice castles are returning … Continue reading Ice Places
  • Heights! (8/7/2017)- A Monday morning caffeine fix is nice, but how about a serious adrenaline rush instead? In the past Cosma has taken you on rides in Coasters, Barrel Surfing and even chasing Twisters, but nothing will get your pulse going like some good old fashioned adventure at extreme heights. Luckily, there are a ton of 360° … Continue reading Heights!
  • Happy Summer, Roar! (6/21/2018)- It’s here! It’s officially summer, and that means that it’s time for summer traditions like barbecues, vacations and loving or hating the newest summer blockbusters. For better or worse, they are here, too — it’s time to either rejoice and head to the nearest cineplex or cringe with derision and run away from the latest … Continue reading Happy Summer, Roar!
  • Gulliver’s Gate (9/20/2017)- Remember when you read or watched Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels (Wikipedia). Did you ever think it would be cool to see the world from the Lilliputian’s perspective? Well, now you can, and you can even take a trip around the world in 80 minutes to boot 🙂 All you have to do is visit Gulliver’s … Continue reading Gulliver’s Gate
  • Go for a fly! (1/17/2019)- Want a quick break? Why go for a walk or coffee when you go for a fly instead? Here are some short 360° videos that will have you soaring like a bird in a jiffy! This first video from The New York Times Daily 360 will take you paragliding over Peru. Next, this video from … Continue reading Go for a fly!
  • Extreme Biking, Artfully! (4/12/2019)- This week I came across something that I thought was fairly unique. There is a Scottish BMX rider by the name of Kriss Kyle that has elevated his extreme biking into an art. Here’s a video published by Red Bull that starts out with a brief introduction to the young man and then transitions into … Continue reading Extreme Biking, Artfully!
  • Everest (5/19/2017)- Have you ever wondered what it would be like to climb Mount Everest, but just aren’t up to doing it yourself? Well, about a year ago Sports Illustrated and Endemol Shine Beyond sent a crew to capture three hiker’s climbing Mount Everest in 360° video, and now you can experience the result. Here is a … Continue reading Everest
  • Coasters! (6/21/2017)- It’s officially summer in the northern hemisphere, and that means it’s time to partake of some summer fun like theme parks and roller coasters! In honor of that, here’s a taste of what’s to come. This beautiful 360° Video takes you on a fun, though impossible journey — don’t forget to look around and enjoy … Continue reading Coasters!
  • Coaster Break! (7/19/2018)- Here it is, late in the week, but not yet the weekend. Maybe you’ll be taking a ten minute coffee break to help you push on through? How about a roller coaster break instead? First, here’s a bit of backstory. A little over a year ago I did a post about roller coasters. It included … Continue reading Coaster Break!
  • Bit o’ Whimsy (10/11/2018)- I’ve just come across a tiny bit of whimsy, and I can’t resist sharing it. Here’s a short 360° video that’s a lovely tribute to Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. As you watch it, you will see that it’s an ad for makeup from Clé de Peau Beauté for their Unlock Wonderland holiday campaign. … Continue reading Bit o’ Whimsy
  • Belize Blues (3/1/2019)- Given the weather in Boston, it’s no shocker that a story about Belize caught my eye. It was about Belize’s Great Blue Hole, and more specifically, about a mission to explore it that took place late last year. The mission got a lot of attention at the time because the crew included Richard Branson and … Continue reading Belize Blues
  • Beach Gazes (7/2/2017)- You know those “virtual fireplace videos” that you can play in the winter to feel all warm and cozy? Yes, there’s even a 360° VideosYouTube Channel for that 🙂 Well, there are some 360° Videos made to serve a similar purpose in the summer, so you can kick back, relax and imagine some sand between … Continue reading Beach Gazes
  • Around the world in… (10/27/2017)- Once upon a time, way back in the Victorian era a hundred years ago when Jules Verne was writing Around the World in Eighty Days, it took a little while to even vicariously circumnavigate the world by reading about it. These days, thanks to professional video productions from groups like Travel Channel and Lonely Planet, … Continue reading Around the world in…
  • Armchair Getaways! (12/10/2018)- Here in the upper Northern Hemisphere, it isn’t just the season to celebrate holidays and be merry — ’tis also the season to dream of post-holiday getaways! That’s particularly true for me right now, because I’ve spent the last few weeks updating all of the pages on Cosma about exotic places around the world. Poor … Continue reading Armchair Getaways!


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adventure : (a) an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks a book recounting his many bold adventures (b( the encountering of risks the spirit of adventure (C) an exciting or remarkable experience an adventure in exotic dining (d) an enterprise involving financial risk wanted to pay off her debts before embarking on any new financial adventures — Webster

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Adventure is an exciting or unusual experience. It may also be a bold, usually risky undertaking, with an uncertain outcome. Adventures may be activities with some potential for physical danger such as traveling, exploring, skydiving, mountain climbing, scuba diving, river rafting or participating in extreme sports. The term also broadly refers to any enterprise that is potentially fraught with physical, financial or psychological risk, such as a business venture, or other major life undertakings. — Wikipedia






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    With additional writing by Will Stauffer-Norris  Running the length of remote northern Laos’ Phongsali Province, the Nam Ou River is one of the Mekong’s largest tributaries. But the river that provides vital dietary protein and transport to people throughout this largely roadless watershed is about to be transformed. The Lao government has contracted a Chinese company […]

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    For the last decade, Liz Clark’s home has been the ocean. The exploratory surfer-sailor set out on Swell, her 40-foot sailboat, from the coast of Santa Barbara in October 2005 to seek out unknown surf breaks and live a life acutely attuned to weather and the vast blue ocean. Clark now spends most of her tim […]

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    Legendary adventure runner Scott Jurek has said that running is a solo sport requiring absolute mental focus. But, if there was one person this 2016 Adventurer of the Year would want on the trail with him, Jurek would choose Mahatma Gandhi—another master of psychological endurance. Over his 20-year career, Jurek has helped popularize the sport […]

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    What would Daohu think? This question stuck with us through the days and weeks after meeting such an ambitious and inquisitive Hmong youth, at 3,600 feet, on the side of a mountain. We were seated in miniature plastic chairs, eating cucumber, the only alternative to the ubiquitous processed Chinese snacks sold in rural roadside shops […]