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Antikythera Mechanism – The Clockwork Computer (The Economist)
Antikythera mechanism (Wikipedia)

On the Trail of an Ancient Mystery (John Markoff, New York Times)
Mysterious Antikythera Mechanism Is Even Older Than We Thought (Marissa Fessenden,


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Antikythera mechanism is an ancient analogue computer and orrery used to predict astronomical positions and eclipses for calendrical and astrological purposes, as well as the Olympiads, the cycles of the ancient Olympic Games.

Found housed in a 340 millimetres (13 in) × 180 millimetres (7.1 in) × 90 millimetres (3.5 in) wooden box, the device is a complex clockwork mechanism composed of at least 30 meshing bronze gears. Its remains were found as one lump, later separated in three main fragments, which are now divided into 82 separate fragments after conservation works. Four of these fragments contain gears, while inscriptions are found on many others. The largest gear (clearly visible in Fragment A at right) is approximately 140 millimetres (5.5 in) in diameter and originally had 223 teeth.

The artifact was recovered probably in July 1901 from the Antikythera shipwreck off the Greek island of Antikythera. After the knowledge of this technology was lost at some point in antiquity, technological artifacts approaching its complexity and workmanship did not appear again until the development of mechanical astronomical clocks in Europe in the fourteenth century. — Wikipedia



The Antikythera Mechanism I With Java animations (Bill Casselman, American Mathematical Society)
Simulation of the Antikythera Mechanism (Manos Roumeliotis)



The History of the Antikythera Mechanism


The Antikythera Mechanism at the National Archaeological Museum (Athens, Greece)


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