Toy Worlds@Cosma

As you may have guessed from my last post, Toy Quest, I’ve got toys on the brain.

Why not? It ’tis toy season, after all!

Except that if you’ve been reading these posts for awhile, then you know I’ve had toys on the brain for many months now because I’ve been creating experimental interfaces to this site, and I’ve been using toys to do it 🙂

Back in August, when I updated the space related pages, I created a Solar System Gallery page and shared it in the post Get Lost in Space!.

When I updated the pages about nature, I posted a Virtual Zoo and shared it in the post Cosma’s Virtual Zoo.

Finally, when I was updating the pages about places around the world, I created the Armchair World Travel Lounge page and shared it in Armchair Getaways!.

Each “Gallery” page and corresponding post also featured a “Toy World” demo that was created by capturing spherical images with a RICOH THETA S 360° and posted on the RoundMe photo sharing service along with links to YouTube videos and pages on this site.

So this week I’ve been updating the pages on this site having to do with all sorts of fun stuff, including toys!

So, guess what?

Yes, that’s right! There’s a new Fun Stuff Gallery and “Toy World” to explore 🙂

If you can’t see it, check it out on Roundme.

Better yet, there’s another new “Toy World” demo that incorporates all of the previous demos plus another new one. It’s posted on a new page about Toy Worlds@Cosma. As you explore the demo, be sure to look around. There are some hidden nooks and crannies to find!

Again, if you can’t see the demo below here, then check it out on Roundme.

Finally, I want to share one of the earliest, less “polished” demos that I created before all of the demos that I’ve shared so far. While it is a bit “rough around the edges” relative to the other, later demos, it does have the advantage of having been shot in an actual dollhouse, so it is the most “toy season” appropriate Toy World demo of them all! There are some fun nooks and crannies to explore embedded in this one too!

If you can’t see it here, it’s on RoundMe.

If you have trouble seeing any of the Toy Worlds, then try viewing them with a different browser (Chrome seems to work best).

So there it is — I hope you enjoy Toy Worlds & Happy Holidays!

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