Gone Beaching!

It’s high summer here in North America, and it’s also the time for “official” national holidays, so a lot of people are hanging up their proverbial gone fishing signs.

However, I tend to be more the type to hang up a gone beaching sign.

Since I live in the Boston area, and I’m also a North Shore type, that means that when I’m feeling lazy, I grab the Blue Line (featured in the movie Next Stop Wonderland) and head up to Revere Beach that’s known for being “the first public beach” in the country.

In case you’ve never been, here’s a 360° image I took there with my handy dandy Ricoh Theta S 360° Camera — if you click and look around, you’ll see the iconic Kelly’s Roast Beef.

Here’s a another 360° image that I took with a better view of the beach.

Revere is fun to cruise the first day of Spring, or if you’re into world class sand sculptures.

However, the truth be known, I’m more of a “further up” the North Shore type.

My favorite thing to do is to head up to Nahant Beach.

Here’s a 360° picture that shows where I walk from Nahant Beach to King’s Beach.

Here’s another 360° snap of my favorite place to soak up some sun.

Of course, the majority of what you hear about beaches in Massachusetts will be about the “South Shore.” For example, Coast Guard Beach in Cape Cod made #4 this year on good old Dr. Beaches Top 10 Beaches in the United States.

Here’s a one minute clip of it from CapeCast, the daily webcast of the Cape Code Times.

Not bad, as long as you don’t mind sharks …

Okay, that’s a snarky, or should I say sharky, “North Shore” comment, but I couldn’t resist.

Anyway, if you’re not in this area, then there are plenty of other great beaches.

Here are Dr. Beaches full list of suggestions for 2019.

Having been there, I can definitely get on board with Kailua Beach snagging number one.

Here’s five minutes of beautiful drone footage along Kailua Beach to Kalama Beach Park in Oahu, Hawaii that will give you a sense of why it’s at the top of the list.

There are plenty of great beaches in other countries, too. If you happen to be somewhere where the nearest beach isn’t offering that “height of summer” experience right now, they are great for vacations or, far cheaper, virtual day dreams.

My favorite 360° beach video is of Whitehaven Beach on Hamilton Island in Australia.

Finally, I leave you with suggesting that CNN’s A Year of the World’s Best Beaches as a “go to” site for places to visit year round.

So I hope that this has inspired you to find your inner beach bum, as well as helped you to find the best sea, sand and sun near you so that you can kick back, relax and experience some real, or virtual, sand between your toes anytime that you want.

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