Candy for Nerds

This is the time of year when a lot of people in northern latitudes head out on vacation and look for fun things to do along the way. There are certainly plenty of folks who would love to stop and take in a brewery or winery tour, but that might not be in the cards if there are little ones along on the trip. So, how about adding a candy factory tour to the itinerary instead?

Yes indeed, this is a fun, geeky thing you can do in many places. In fact, the Food Network even created this lovely series of four short one’ish minute 360° videos that show tours of candy factories where some of the most popular candies are made.

Of course, even smart nerds might like to know how Dum Dums are made. Sadly, I couldn’t find a 360° tour of a Dum Dum factory, but I found this older video that does the job nicely.

I also tried to find a 360° tour of a good old fashioned basic Nerd factory, but I found this one about Nerd Ropes instead.

If you are in the mood to really geek out and learn a ton of things about candy and its history, then here’s a Mental Floss episode that will certainly add to your candy trivia stash.

Of course, if that’s a bit too intense for you, then perhaps you would prefer to sit back and enjoy this cute 360° video of a candy coaster ride.

If you decide that you do want to take a candy factory tour, then here are a few articles to get you started on planning your visit.
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