Great Blobs

This is the time of year when you see the words “Best of” quite a lot.

No matter what you care about, someone somewhere is going to publish something about the “best of 2019” or even the “best of the decade” for that thing.

For example, I pay a lot of attention to science, so these articles caught my eye.
The best science images of the year: 2019 in pictures (Nisha Gaind and Ewen Callaway, Nature)
WIRED’s 7 Big Science Stories That Shaped 2019 (Wired)

I confess that I can’t help but click on articles like these, too!
Kaboom! The Biggest Space Bloopers of 2019 (Elizabeth Howell,
The 10 Weirdest Science Studies of 2019 (Nicoletta Lanese, Live Science)

That last article “suggested” an even better “related” article about, of all things, blobs!
The 9 Best Blobs of 2019 (Brandon Specktor, Live Science)

I assumed that it was going to be an excuse to revisit the *many* stories about slime mold inspired by an exhibit of ‘le blob’ at the Parc Zoologique de Paris earlier this year.

Here’s a video about that, err, dare I say, publicity stunt? Slime molds are certainly interesting creatures, in their own way, but not necessarily to watch in real time.

As it turns out, the article Best Blobs of 2019 didn’t even include anything about ‘le blob,’ but it did include a story about a jellyfish as big as a human that was spotted in Cornwall (UK). Here’s a video from Guardian News about that sighting.

Neat! I wanted to watch a 360° video of that, but I had no luck finding one.

On the other hand, I did find a 360° video from AirPano that was shot off the coast of Cuba. Heck, if you’re going to go swimming with giant jellyfish at this time of year, then water around Cuba is a whole lot more inviting than waters off England anyway. Wouldn’t you agree?

Hummm, that video felt familiar…

It turns out that it was one that I used in an my post called Jellyfish Therapy way back in January of 2019. That was nice to revisit.

Maybe you could use a bit more post-holiday Jellyfish Therapy, too?

Happy New Year!