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The Oculus Rift headset that set off the current frenzy about VR. It was developed by Oculus VR, and then they were bought by Facebook. This “origin” story is undoubtedly the stuff that movies will be made about if VR takes off (this time). Here’s a review of the current version.

Recently Facebook and Oculus sponsored the Connect 3 developer conference, and they introduced a bevy of new demos and announcements. Here’s a fun condensed version.

The current Oculus Rift CE headset costs $599, but the majority of consumers will find that their current PC will not run it, so they will need to buy an upgrade. Oculus made the decision to make the system “desktop only” with high, practically absurd requirements (NVIDIA GTX 970/AMD 290+, Intel i5-4590+, 8GB+ RAM, HDMI 1.3 video output, 2x USB 3.0 ports). That is why when you may want to order the VR Ready PC Bundle for $1499 and up(“conveniently” available on the Oculus store).

Notice the Oculus Rift touts one of its strengths as being “Touch” controllers that have just been released. Here is a nice video to give you a sense of what those are and why you might want to have them.

Inside Oculus’ Quest to Design an Invisible VR Controller (Peter Rubin, Wired)
What it’s like to use the Oculus Rift and Touch you’ll buy in 2016: Diving ever deeper into another world (Scott Stein, CNET)

There are also over fifty titles that take advantage of this new capability.
Introducing the Oculus Touch Launch Lineup: Over 50 New Rift Titles (Oculus)

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