The core of what is unique about Cosma is a 3D visual interface to both 3D and traditional web content. This video shows a walk-through of the application. Notice that all of the posters and objects are links.

The application was created with the Unity3D game engine, so it requires a computer up to running modern games. An example of a machine that it will run on is an Intel® Quad Core™ i7-4700MQTurbo and a 3.4 GHz 4th gen NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M plus 16 GB RAM.

The application runs on Windows 7/8, and you can download it from Google Drive. Click the image or file below, then click “Download.” It is a self-extracting Zip file (.exe). You may receive warnings that you are downloading a “suspicious” file. Do not worry, there are no viruses.


Cosma 3D v.1.5 (Cosma-3D-15.exe, 81 mb, Google Drive)

Once you download the file and Unzip it, you will see a folder called Cosma 3D that has a Cosma-3D-15.exe file and a corresponding data folder. Click on the Cosma-3D-15.exe file to run it. Again, you may need to allow your virus software to run it or click “more info.” and “okay” in Windows Defender. After you are running the application, you will see instructions for navigating and interacting with the content.

This 3D Gallery is actually a re-implementation of an older version of the project called Knowledge Places that uses SecondLife as a visual interface to an earlier version of this site implemented in Wikispaces.

Knowledge Places are well-known, centrally located sites in Linden Village that date back to 2005. The sites have hundreds of fun interactive objects framed within thematically organized spaces. Each space has “Magic Doors” that give landmarks to some of the best sites in SecondLife and “Magic Windows” that link to pages on Cosma. The Linden Village sites were recently consolidated into a single location called “Knowledge Park” and completely renovated — the entire site is now located in Maryport. You can visit the Knowledge Places (K-Places) sites by clicking this image.


Knowledge Park, Exploration Area (K-Place v.1.6)
Providing a free and public Knowledge Navigation Nexus
to the best of SecondLife and the Web since 2006!

Here is a walk-through of the consolidated and renovated sites (December 2015).

Finally, Knowledge Places are actually just the latest generation of experiments with creating 3D visual interfaces to interactive and 3D content. The first generation of experiments were created using Apple’s HyperCard back in the 1980s.

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This is a link to a page with a much longer history of the project.
Knowledge Places History (Cosma on Wikispaces)