The Vive is a head-mounted display developed in co-production between HTC and Valve Corporation. It is also part of Valve Corporation’s SteamVR project and it costs $799 alone, or as with the Oculus Rift above, quite a bit more with a “VR Ready PC”. Here’s the official trailer from HTC Vive.

Here are some videos about the HTC Vive headset and its technology.

The Vive was developed in conjunction with Valve’s Steam VR, so games will certainly be the focus of applications (e.g. Team Fortress 2, Portal etc.). However, there are already some insanely great non-gaming content, and there is bound to be many more interesting applications in education and the arts in the near future. Here are some videos to give you a sense of what is available now.

The Vive’s critical feature that really sets it apart from other VR headsets is that it uses a tracking technology called Lighthouse that detects movement so you can move around and interact with the virtual world (15 sq. ft). Here’s a humorous video about the reality of setting it up.

The Vive also has a camera that provides visual feedback about what is going on outside from inside of the headset. This significantly changes the user’s experience of the system. Here’s an excellent article about the feature and its significance.
The second HTC Vive development kit has a built-in camera and new controllers (Adi Robertson, The Verge)
Here’s a nice article that covers all of the Vive’s unique features.
Valve and HTC dive into VR with the HTC Vive, coming this year (Scott Stein, CNET)

Just like with the Gear VR and Oculus Rift, you can find a Vive demo in a Microsoft, Micro Center, Gamestop store near you. (HTC’s Official Vive Demo Locator)

It is impossible to communicate how much these videos do NOT fully capture the experience, but they give you the gist that it’s an amazing experience.

HTC Vive (Official Site)
Vive Blog – Inside Views & Breakthroughs from HTC (Official Vive Blog)
HTC Vive (Wikipedia)

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