Microsoft’s Hololens is an odd, probably over-priced and over-hyped headset. In other words, a potential debacle for Microsoft. Let’s start with the price. It is finally “really available,” both here and abroad, but it cost a whopping $3000 — yes, that says three grand! The thing is, this is one without rave reviews. Telling perhaps? It is hard to not notice that when you got a Microsoft store in major markets like the Manhattan flagship store or Boston’s Prudential Center, what you are offered is a complimentary demo of… the Vive! Still, at least you can buy it now if you want to do that. Here’s a recent video of the developers hyping the headset to potential developers and a video that gives a sense of the experiences that you can get on the platform.

Microsoft’s HoloLens priced at $3,000 for developer edition, shipping Q1 2016 (Sean Hollister, CNET)
So, while most people will probably stick to the more budget conscious choices, which is pretty much every other platform, but it will still be fun to keep an eye on this one, too.
Microsoft opens HoloLens preorders in six new countries (Blair Hanley Frank, IGN News via PC World)
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