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Here are some of the best YouTube 360° Videos — press and hold to explore them!


Paul McCartney

There are a number of very nice, personal 360° videos available on his YouTube channel that he released as part of Pure McCartney.
Paul McCartney’s YouTube Channel

Elton John

Elton also posted a three minute “making of” video that explains the amazing amount of work that went into it!

You can learn more on Elton, and you can see more videos of his performances on his YouTube Channel.


Apple dips a toe into VR with U2 music video (James Trew, Engadget)
Apple Showcases Its VR Dreams—With a U2 Video (Wired)
Apple Shows Off Its First-Ever Piece Of Virtual Reality Content With U2 Music Video (Lucas Matney, TechCrunch)

One Republic

Kids (One Republic, Official Video)


There are many other examples online, and here are four of the more notable examples made by relatively well known acts.

3D Experiment

More Music Related 3D Models on Sketchfab




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