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Here are some of the better 360°/3D/VR YouTube music videos out there.

Notice that these are 360° YouTube videos — just press and hold to explore them!

Coachella (New!)
Some of the most recent and well known examples of 360° YouTube music videos just came out in May 2017 when Coachella captured and posted some performances!

There are more examples on their YouTube channel.
Coachella 2017 (YouTube 360 Channel)

U2 worked with National Geographic to try their hand at making a “3D’ish” concert movie in the IMAX format around 10 years ago, and it was ground-breaking as well breathtaking to see. Unfortunately, there is nogood way to communicate the experience of being there, but here is a trailer that gives some sense of it.

A little less than 10 years later, they seem to have learned that “big concert” movies do not have the same power as personal presence. Here is a YouTube 360° video of a song they released that was designed to be seen with VR headsets.

Here are some articles with some backstory about the release.
Apple dips a toe into VR with U2 music video (James Trew, Engadget)
Apple Showcases Its VR Dreams—With a U2 Video (Wired)
Apple Shows Off Its First-Ever Piece Of Virtual Reality Content With U2 Music Video (Lucas Matney, TechCrunch)

Paul McCartney has never been one to shy away from cutting edge multimedia, and this held true with the dawn of the new VR headsets last year. He was one of the first to release a “live concert video” in the form a 360° film of his historic performance in the final show at Candlestick Park. It is not currently available in the YouTube 360° format, but here is a video of a review that gives you a sense of it.

Not surprisingly, his next foray into 360° video was also a more intimate piece that communicated a strong sense of his personal presence in a small space.

There are actually a number of very nice, personal 360° videos available on his YouTube channel that he released as part of Pure McCartney.
Paul McCartney’s YouTube Channel

Clearly there is a trend away from impersonal capturing of “big concerts” and a move towards using the 360°/VR formats to communicate a more intimate, personal presence with very well known stars. Personally, it strikes me as an effective choice.

One Republic
More recently, One Republic took a middle ground. In this awesome video, they foreground an intimate “Romeo and Juliet” like narrative while allowing the less personal concert to evolve magically in the background.

Kids (One Republic, Official Video)

There are many other examples online, and here are four of the more notable examples made by relatively well known acts.

There are many, many more available on the Experience Music Playlist (Youtube 360 Channel)


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