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operating system (os) : software that controls the operation of a computer and directs the processing of programs (as by assigning storage space in memory and controlling input and output functions) — Webster   See also OneLook

Operating System (FOLDOC: Free Online Dictionary of Computing)


Operating system (OS) is a set of software that manages computer hardware resources and provides common services for computer programs. The operating system is a vital component of the system software in a computer system. Application programs require an operating system to function. — Wikipedia

File system is a method and data structure that the operating system uses to control how data is stored and retrieved. Without a file system, data placed in a storage medium would be one large body of data with no way to tell where one piece of data stopped and the next began, or where any piece of data was located when it was time to retrieve it. By separating the data into pieces and giving each piece a name, the data is easily isolated and identified. Taking its name from the way a paper-based data management system is named, each group of data is called a “file.” The structure and logic rules used to manage the groups of data and their names is called a “file system.” — Wikipedia




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Library of Congress # QA76.76.O63 Operating System (UPenn Online Books)

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OSnews Exploring the Future of Computing

  • The very weird Hewlett Packard FreeDOS option
    by Thom Holwerda on May 17, 2022 at 12:25 am

    In this installment: some strange things I discovered when purchasing a FreeDOS laptop from Hewlett Packard. I suspect that the audience for this will be somewhat limited but I had fun exploring this. Perhaps you, dear reader, will find a chuckle in here too. Some background: I recently purchased a HP ZBook 17.8 G8 as I run Fedora Linux I decided to have a little fun with the OS selection and picked the FreeDOS option (Other options include Ubuntu, and various flavors of Windows 11). I can […]

  • FreeBSD 13.1 released
    by Thom Holwerda on May 17, 2022 at 12:23 am

    FreeBSD 13.1 has been released, and as the version number signifies, this is not a major release, so don’t expect any massive changes. Lots of various core packages of the operating system have been updated to their most recent versions, like OpenSSH, OpenSLL, and ZFS, there’s the usual driver updates, and a whole slew of fixes.

  • Fedora 36 released
    by Thom Holwerda on May 13, 2022 at 10:29 pm

    Fedora 36 is releasing this morning as what is yet another release in recent times of being a very robust and bleeding-edge yet stable and reliable Linux distribution. I’ve already been running Fedora Workstation 36 and Fedora Server 36 snapshots on various systems in my benchmarking lab and this release has proven to be quite solid while adding new features and polish on top of the excellent Fedora 35. I have no reservations about stating that Fedora is by far the best desktop Linux […]

  • Google releases Android 13 beta 2
    by Thom Holwerda on May 13, 2022 at 10:24 pm

    At its Google I/O event on Wednesday, Google released the second beta of Android 13. The search giant highlighted several new aspects to Android 13 including better privacy controls that help users to limit what data apps have access to, an improved Material You theme system that works across more apps, a new Settings & Privacy page that can help you boost your security, swanky music controls that adjust their look based on the music you’re listening to, and the ability to change the […]

  • The Apple GPU and the impossible bug
    by Thom Holwerda on May 13, 2022 at 10:21 pm

    In late 2020, Apple debuted the M1 with Apple’s GPU architecture, AGX, rumoured to be derived from Imagination’s PowerVR series. Since then, we’ve been reverse-engineering AGX and building open source graphics drivers. Last January, I rendered a triangle with my own code, but there has since been a heinous bug lurking: The driver fails to render large amounts of geometry. Spinning a cube is fine, low polygon geometry is okay, but detailed models won’t render. Instead, the GPU renders […]




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