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Gear VR is the result of a collaboration between Samsung and Facebook owned Oculus VR to bring a mobile VR headset to market. It is a $100 headset that, when paired with a relatively pricey Samsung phone (Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge), creates an independent system with no peripherals required for input because there is a touch-pad and back button which are interfaced to the phone through a micro USB connection. Here’s a video from the Wall Street Journal that provides a very nice, thorough introduction to it.

Here is another video reviewing the newest edition.

Good news, some Best Buy stores provide demonstrations upon request.
You can try Samsung’s Gear VR in dozens of Best Buy stores (Adi Robertson, The Verge)

There is a built in feature that connects you to the Google Play store and shows you what is available for download and purchase specifically for the device. After it is set up, all transactions can be handled without taking off the headset. Here is the Samsung 360° GearVR Trailer. Notice that it is a 360° YouTube video, so you can click and hold to navigate and get some sense of the way that it looks inside a Gear VR.

The built in Oculus Home functions as a 3D gallery of applications available.

Gear VR (Samsung)
Gear VR (Wikipedia)

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