Around the world in…

Once upon a time, way back in the Victorian era a hundred years ago when Jules Verne was writing Around the World in Eighty Days, it took a little while to even vicariously circumnavigate the world by reading about it.

These days, thanks to professional video productions from groups like Travel Channel and Lonely Planet, you can feel like you’ve seen the world in far less time than it takes to read a book about it, and you can see it in considerably more vivid detail.

But now, thanks to the wonders of compilation, time-lapse and 360° video, you can make the journey even faster and with a far greater field of view than ever before. Here are three excellent examples from YouTube that together, appropriately enough, take eight minutes.

Daybreak Around the World, The New York Times

Breat 360° Aerial Footage, AirPano

Note: There was also another whole post about AirPano on this site about a year ago. More…

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So, there it is — “Around the World in 8 minutes in 360°,” but of course, that just scratches the surface of the great 360° videos that can take you to exotic places all around the world. Check out these recently updated pages on this site to see more fine-grained experience, but beware, there are enough videos on these pages to take you around the world in about 80 hours!

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