Halloween in Mayhem

Halloween is here, but it’s 2020, so it’s strange!

Here’s a guide to some ways that’s the case.

Weird Timing

First, there’s something that is not due to the crazy things going on in the world. That’s the oddity of the timing of Halloween this year — it happens to fall on the eve of both a blue moon and a time change. You may have already seen one of the host of news stories about it like this video segment from WJZ in Baltimore and article from CNN.

This weekend is nuts. Halloween, blue moon, time change and just before the election. How do we cope? (Ryan Prior, CNN)

Haunted Corn Mazes

Most quintessential Halloween activities such as trick or treating and haunted houses are off of the table due to COVID-19. That’s led to the popularity of outdoor attractions like haunted corn mazes. There are a bevy of them this year, and they are easy to find. For example, here is the first result that I got in a Google search for “Massachusetts haunted corn mazes.”
Massachusetts Night & Haunted Corn Mazes (Halloween New England)

If you’ve never been to a haunted corn maze, then you may be picturing a relatively tame experience like the one shown in this 360° video. It features a eerie sound track and an elusive scarecrow. Be sure to “look around” to get the full effect.

That experience was a tad spooky, but it doesn’t capture the essence of the experience that you will get at the current crop of haunted corn mazes.

Fields of Screams

The more extreme nature of most haunted corn mazes have led them to brand themselves as “fields of screams.” Here’s a one minute long 360° video captured at a Field of Screams in Maryland that will give you a sense of what the characters featured in them.

If that looked like something you would like to experience, then type “field of screams” and your location into Google to find one near you.

Of course, some people might not feel safe exploring “haunted corn mazes” or “fields of screams” due to COVID-19. That brings us to another phenomena that’s taken off this year.

Tunnels of Terror

The idea of turning a car wash into a Halloween activity is not new, but this year they are popping up all over the place because they are one of the safest ways to experience “haunted house like fun” without the risk. Here’s a news segment from NBC in San Jose about one.

Again, type “tunnel of terror” and your location into Google to find one near you.

Virtual Coaster

Finally, if all of that doesn’t sound safe, or is just not your cup of tea, then perhaps a ride on this 360° virtual coaster that was posted on YouTube by POPFIZZLE will bring on a bit of Halloween spirit in the midst of all the mayhem going on this year.

Happy Hallowe’en!

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