Week/end @ Boston

I miss Boston!

After living in the Greater Boston area for almost 30 years, it’s easy to get spoiled and take all of the things to see and do here for granted. What’s more, there’s seldom any reason to even notice that’s the case. However, the Covid-19 shut-down sure put the kibosh on that!

Today I was unexpectedly faced with just how much I miss Boston when I sat down to write a “quick” post about how excited I am that Boston is starting Phase 3 reopening next week.

The plan was to share a few of the things that I’m looking forward to doing again.

Ha! That sure didn’t go as I had expected.

After realizing that I had a list of more than twenty YouTube videos and nearly a hundred links to share, it dawned on me that it was getting “a bit” out of control.

That’s not a “reasonably short” blog post — it’s a frigging travel guide!

That’s when I decided that a better tact would be to grow a new page about Boston, and then use this post to share a few highlights along with an invitation to explore the new page on your own in a sort of “choose your own adventure-esque” way.

So, before sending you on that journey, here’s a “touristy” video from Expedia and an article from Fodor’s about some places that I’ve lived, walked, visited and worked over the years.

22 Ultimate Things to Do in Boston (Kim Foley MacKinnon, Fodor’s Travel)

That was nice, but here are two interactive 360° videos that give a more fun, birds-eye view of many of those same places that I look forward to seeing again soon.

Now, it is time for me to stop and you to head on over to your virtual adventure in Boston. If you’re from here and missing it as much as I’ve been, then it will do your heart good. If you’ve visited before, then it might be an exercise in nostalgia and an incentive to return again. If you’ve never been here, then perhaps it will inspire a visit. All good things.

But beware, according to how much you choose to explore, like Boston itself, it could take a few hours, or the weekend, or a week, or … well, a lot longer 🙂

Enjoy and have a great week/end!

Find out more about Boston

p.s. Posts have been less frequent lately because I’m spending a lot of time renovating the site. Watch for updates about that later in the summer …