360° Replay!

The Super Bowl is here, and this year there’s a new cool way to see the game. Intel 360 Replay lets you to see replays in 360° from the player’s point of view. Here’s a fun commercial about it (with Tom Brady, of course).

The technology is not as trivial as putting a camera on a player’s helmet. Instead they use a massive amount of computing power to literally generate a full representation of the scene, and then put you in it. Check out this video that gives a glimpse of the technology used to generate a 3D perspective from the field.

Here are some nice articles that explain a bit more about it.
Tackling Tech: Despite Challenge, Intel’s 360 Player View Ready for Super Bowl (Bob Wallace, Patriots.com)
360-degree replays at Super Bowl a taste of what’s next (AP via USA Today)

If you want to try it for yourself, then you need to get the Fox Sports VR App (Fox Sports). It works on the Web for desktop and mobile as well as Google’s Cardboard Viewer and of course, best of all, Samsung’s Gear VR.

Happy 360° viewing!

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