Cute Critter Break

Here in Boston they have a tradition known as February Break (WGBH) — it’s a lot like a Spring Break, but early.

It tends to make me itch for a real Spring Break, early. Soon enough! In the meantime, I couldn’t resist compiling about 10 minutes worth of 360° Videos featuring baby animals so that anyone with a few minutes to spare can enjoy a February Break.

Of course, an obvious place to start is kittens!

If you love kittens, here’s another four minutes from Big Cat Rescue (YouTube).

Next up is the obligatory puppy video. This video is similar to the one with the kittens, and they are SO cute!

If you want to see some “pups with a purpose,” then here’s a short video from BBC Earth Unplugged (YouTube) about some puppies being raised to be guide dogs.

Kittens and puppies are no-brainers for this post, but how about something a bit off the beaten path? Here’s a nice segment about baby pandas from Nat Geo WILD (YouTube Channel).

Finally, there is the one that actually inspired this post, which is this video of meerkats from BBC One (YouTube)

If you love watching animals, and you have some more time to kill, then here’s a channel of Livecams (Explore Annenberg) to keep you entertained for quite awhile.

Happy Early Spring!

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