Have you ever wondered what it would be like to climb Mount Everest, but just aren’t up to doing it yourself? Well, about a year ago Sports Illustrated and Endemol Shine Beyond sent a crew to capture three hiker’s climbing Mount Everest in 360° video, and now you can experience the result. Here is a 360° trailer about the adventure.

(This is a 360° YouTube video — press and hold to explore!)

The project has been published in the form of four 360° YouTube video “Chapters” each around 8 minutes long.
Ch. 1: Preparing To Hike To The Top Of Mount Everest
Ch. 2: Himalayan Offering To The Mount Everest Deities
Ch. 3: Attempting Mount Everest’s Khumbu Icefall
Ch. 4: Mount Everest Summit Climb: The Top Of The World

There is also a dedicated website and special app for seeing the videos. Capturing Everest (Sports Illustrated)
Plus here is a special Editors’ Note about the project.
Experience a climb to the top of the world with SI’s Capturing Everest (Sports Illustrated)

While this is the first 360° video documentary about climbing Everest, it certainly isn’t the first time someone has captured and published about it. Most notably, last year National Geographic published this 40 minute video Explore The Secrets of Mount Everest.

They also have this dedicated section on their website.
Mount Everest (National Geographic)

All in all, it makes you really appreciate the mind boggling challenges that face the people who make the climb as well as grateful to those who are willing and able to capture the experience for the rest of us!

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