Star Wars 360

Rogue One, the newest addition to the Star Wars pantheon of cinematic experiences will be rolling into theaters this weekend, and a series of quick, lightweight 360° experiences have washed ashore in the wake. First, check out this official clip from LucasFilm’s ILMxLAB!

Here are a couple of articles with a bit of back-story.
Be a Star Wars Pilot! Check Out the Rogue One: Recon Virtual Reality Experience (Jodi Guglielmi, People Magazine)
Star Wars: Rogue One 360 Video Puts You Inside an X-Wing (Brian Gallagher, Movie Web)
Here are a couple of other less well known 360 clips.

Personally, I still prefer this 360° clip released for The Force Awakens, but that is probably just a function of my own obsession with sun and sand (especially in the middle of December 🙂

As these 360° clips promoting major studio releases get longer and more fleshed out, it is only a matter of time before a full length feature film will come along. Given that the clips from LucasFilm’s ILMxLAB are some of the best around, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if the first one comes from them and is set in the Star Wars universe. How’s that for Star Wars: Episode X A New, New Hope!