Coaster Break!

Here it is, late in the week, but not yet the weekend. Maybe you’ll be taking a ten minute coffee break to help you push on through?

How about a roller coaster break instead?

First, here’s a bit of backstory. A little over a year ago I did a post about roller coasters. It included a couple of 360° videos, but they were pretty much the only watchable clips that I could find on YouTube back then.

Since then, 360° cameras have become a lot more popular. Now there are so many 360° videos of roller coaster rides, it was hard to choose what to share. Then I found a video about the scariest roller coasters out there.

After watching that, it dawned on me that there were bound to be some 360° videos of those rides, so I went fishing for them on YouTube.

Success! I found some pretty decent 360° clips for three of those rides mentioned in the video. So go ahead, hop in, and experience The Griffon, Banshee and Kingda Ka!

I hope you enjoyed the virtual rides and a little late week adrenaline rush.

If this has put you in the mood to take a real roller coaster ride this weekend, then here are a few of articles to help you find the latest and greatest rides.
12 New Roller Coasters to Try in 2018 (Alexis Kelly Alexis Kelly, Fodor’s Travel)
12 most anticipated roller coasters of 2018 (Arthur Levine, USA TODAY)

It’s also fun to browse the Roller Coaster Census Report from the Roller Coaster Database.

Finally, you can also find something close to home at Ultimate Rollercoaster.

Have a great weekend!

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