Toys ‘R’ Back!

It’s official — toy shopping season is back!

And so is Toys”R”Us!

Here’s a segment from New York’s PIX11 that explains how a smaller and more “experiential” Toys”R”Us has just opened in Garden State Plaza Mall.

That’s just the beginning. There’s another Toys”R”Us slated to open in the Galleria in Houston, and then there are going to be eight more locations around the country. Here are a few news stories with more information on Toys”R”Us’s renaissance.
When is Toys R Us Reopening? New stores opening in New Jersey and Texas (Seren Morris, CNN)
Toys R Us is back. Here’s a look inside its first new store (Lauren Thomas, CNBC)

Toys”R”Us is not the first major toy store to arise from its own ashes.

Last year FAO Schwarz returned with great fanfare, and they also touted themselves as being more “experiential.” Here’s a brief clip from NBC Nightly News about FAO Schwarz’s return to New York City complete with that famous Big piano.

Of course, while Toys”R”Us and FAO Schwarz are two of the biggest names in toys in the US, there are plenty of other “experiential” toy stores in the world.

For example, if you’ve ever lived in London or even just visited there, then you may know that Hamleys is one of the oldest and largest toy stores in the world. Its flagship store has seven floors with 50,000 lines of toys. This 360° video will give you a glimpse inside.

If all of this has made you crave “experiencing” a toy store, but you don’t live near New York, New Jersey or London, fear not — you can visit a local toy store.

There are a lot more of them than you might imagine, and they are easy to find. Just “Google” the name of where you live and “toy store” (e.g. Boston toy store), and then click on the map. Voila, there may be a treasure trove of toy shopping experiences awaiting you!

Some of them might be a little less noisy and crowded than the “big name” stores, but is that really such a bad thing? 😉

Happy Toy Shopping Season!

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