It’s that time of year when tornadoes tend to make the news. For example, did you see the picture of the guy mowing his lawn during a tornado a few weeks ago?

He claimed it wasn’t as bad as it looked, but still…

Then there was also this 360° Video of a supercell taken by roof-mounted 360 Fly camera north of Jamestown, ND that made the social media rounds last week.

It’s hard not to get hooked into watching it when you hear the words “drive underneath of it,” but in truth, the video is neither the first nor most dramatic of the genre. Here’s an even more intense one filmed last year near Wray, CO.

If you’re not the type with the patience or time to watch five to ten minutes of tornadoes unfold, then here’s a neat one where someone filmed tornadoes near Dodge City, KS in 360° Video and then condensed 90 minutes down into a two and a half minute time-lapse.

Pretty cool and scary stuff, right? Lucky for us there are “storm chasers” in the world (find out more about storm chasers at Severe Studios, CNN, YouTube, Wikipedia).

On the other hand, if you happen to be the type who just wants to know how to survive the scary things, then here’s a more down to earth video and helpful links for you.

Tornadoes (
Thunderstorm Hazards – Tornadoes (National Weather service, NOAA)

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