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Here is a little 360° experiment with “walk-in-art.” It’s an Art Gallery that was created as part of a series of Toy Worlds to serve as 3D visual interfaces to Cosma (see post).

Click “i” buttons to “enter” the painting and find out “about” it (works best in Chrome).

Like the other Toy Worlds, this was made by taking a shot of a diorama with a RICOH Theta 360° camera and uploading it to RoundMe.


Here is a broad selection of 360° videos that illustrate the creative ways that traditional art is being re-imagined with new technologies. Some of the videos are the ones you will find linked to above, but there are others that were not included in the above gallery.

The above video is a recording of a 3D model by Sokolovsky Ruslan posted on Sketchfab.

That model was also used to create a “virtual door” into Van Gogh’s bedroom with the augmented reality app ARLOOPA. Here’s a short clip of users stepping into the painting.

3D Sketchfab Model

More Visual Art Related 3D Models on Sketchfab

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