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Note: Here’s a sampler of what you will find on the “World Travel” pages. They are all 360° videos, so be sure to look around!

New York Times 360 Video (YouTube Channel)

AirPano (YouTube Channel)

Lonely Planet Travel Guides (YouTube)
Frommer’s Travel Guides (YouTube)
Fodor’s Travel Guide (YouTube)
Travel Channel (YouTube)
BBC Travel Destinations
CNN Travel Destinations
CNN Travel’s Worlds Best Beaches (Interactive Map)

North America

Statue of Liberty (National Park Service)
Statue of Liberty (The Statue of Liberty – Ellis Island Foundation)
Statue of Liberty (Wikipedia)

Chichen Itza (Wikipedia)

Travel Destinations: Mexico (Frommer’s)
Travel Destinations: Mexico (Lonely Planet)
Travel Destinations: Mexico (BBC)
Travel Destinations: Mexico (CNN)
Best Beaches: Playa del Carmen (CNN)

Travel Destinations: North America (Frommer’s)
Travel Destinations in North America (BBC)

Find out more about The Americas


Travel Destinations: Europe (Frommer’s)
Travel Destinations in Europe (Lonely Planet)
Travel Destinations in Europe (BBC)
The Best Beaches in Europe (Lila Battis, Travel & Liesure)

United Kingdom (UK)

Rome, Italy

Travel Destinations: Rome (CNN)

Find out more about Europe


25 of Africa’s best beaches (Narina Exelby, CNN Travel)

Travel Destinations: Africa (Frommer’s)
Travel Destinations in Africa (BBC)

Find out more about Africa


Travel Destinations: Egypt (Frommer’s)
Travel Destinations in Egypt (Lonely Planet)
Travel Destinations in Egypt (BBC)

Find out more about Egypt



Shanghai (Lonely Planet)
Shanghai (WikiTravel)
Shanghai (Wikipedia)


Travel Destinations: Asia (Frommer’s)
Travel Destinations in Asia (Lonely Planet)
Travel Destinations in Asia (BBC)
20 idyllic beach getaways around Asia (CNN Travel)

Find out more about Asia


Explore Australia 360° YouTube Channel (Australia Official Tourism Website)

Find out more about Australia and Oceania in general…

Explore more of the world!
Afro-Eurasia (Africa, Europe, Asia)
Americas (North, Central, South, Caribbean)
Oceania (Australia, New Zealand)
Polar Regions (Arctic, Antarctica)