Beach Brain

Posts from Cosma have been pretty rare lately.

That’s because I’ve been working on the pages on the site. There are a lot of them, and they take quite awhile to do. Honestly, making them gets a little … hummm, tedious.

I’m a beach person, and I know I need a break when I get what I call beach brain. I define that as the inability to do anything but stare out of my window at Revere Beach where I live.

Of course, the remedy for beach brain is go out and see the beach 🙂

To give you a sense of my breaks, here is a 360° image of Revere Beach that I took near the famous Kelly’s Roast Beef — press and hold to explore it.

When I need even more of a break, then I head over to Nahant Beach that’s a short drive away.

Here’s a 360° image I took there.

Finally, when I get **really** tired of working on “regular” pages, I spend a little time working on a few “demo” pages that I setup for fun.

I thought I would share those with you to enjoy, too.

Beach   Lighthouse and Sandcastle

Have a Great 4th! -Mary