Cosmos : Greek kosmos (masculine) an orderly harmonious systematic universe – M. Webster
Cosma : Greek kosma (feminine) an orderly harmonious systematic description of the universe – M. E. Hopper

Cosma is a curated directory of the best resources on the Web!

The web-based portion of Cosma is a “mixed directory” with two types of links:
• links to discipline specific resources identified through a long term initiative to create a systematic top-down inventory of the world’s best content resources
• links to hundreds of database driven resources that are accessed with URLs that happen to use consistent search strings (e.g. OneLook, Google, Wikipedia, WorldCat, etc.)

You will also find tons of awesome interactive and immersive content highlighted on all of the posts and pages 🙂

There are hundreds of pages and posts on this site now, there will be more than a thousand by the end of 2018, and there will be many thousands within the next few years. Each page already has at least five to ten links to carefully selected subject specific resources, and eventually every page will have a hundred or more links organized by a special classification scheme developed exclusively for Cosma.

This site is just the newest iteration of a very old project based upon over thirty years of research and development in information, knowledge and communication systems, utilities and environments. The first prototype was created in 1989 using HyperCard in color that ran on an Apple IIGS with ProDOS. You can find out more about the history of the project on the old site here: Knowledge Places History (Cosma on Wikispaces)

The technology platform, content inventory, target audience and motivational strategy all evolved through many iterations since then, and they are now approaching a place where they function together to provide a valuable resource ready to be shared with the public.

More soon, please stay tuned…

Mary E. Hopper, Cosma Creator and Curator