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Cosma features 3D interfaces to the knowledge resources inventory hosted on this site.


Toy Worlds@RoundMe

There are many Toy Worlds distributed across this site. You can read more about them on the Toy Worlds page. Here is the “Welcome Area” were you can start your journey!

Click the 360° image below to explore this Toy World, click the menu in the upper right for controls and click “i” buttons on/off for links to Cosma and other Web sites. Use “portals” to visit other Toy Worlds.

You can also explore this on RoundMe.


Places@Second Life

There is also a Welcome Area in Second Life. If you have a SecondLife account and software, then you can click the image below to explore the Welcome Area and the four other rooms (Solar Extremes, Gaia’s Greenhouse, World Travel Lounge and Walk-in-Art).

Cosma Welcome Area SL

There is also a much older site that is an archive of the Knowledge Places (K-Places) project. The project began in 2006 and covered more than a million sq. meters of land in Second Life. The sites were made up of thematically organized spaces that used a variety of metaphors (Port, Park, Plaza, Pier, Palace and Paradise). You can find out much more about the overall project on the K-Places page. You can also click this image to visit the archival site.

Knowledge Park@Maryport

There is also a “sky-space” situated above the ground-level site. Click this image to explore it.

Knowledge Palace@Maryport

Here is an extended walk-through of the K-Places archival sites.


Worlds Challenge

The above are just a few examples of Mary Hopper’s experiments with creating 3D interfaces. The first generation of experiments were created with Apple’s HyperCard that ran in color on an Apple IIGS with ProDOS in the 1980s. There have been many other experiments and prototypes since then. You can find out more about them on the Worlds Challenge page.